Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Watch Liverpool Vs Cardiff Live Online - Carling Cup Preview

Fresh from the Arsenal draw match, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard claimed that Francesc Fabregas can travel on to be one of the greats. He said that Cesc could travel on to be one of the best in the human race and there is no uncertainty about that.

There is hurt concerns rising in the Reds team. Jose Reina have described Liverpool's hurt jobs as a hurting after the Reds again lost Xabi Alicia Alonso and Fernando Torres. Both Torres and Alicia Alonso were injured in their rejoinder games in the electrifying 1-1 draw against Arsenal on Lord'S Day as was Javier Mascherano.

However the Argentine Republic midfielder have suffered only extended bruising and no os hurt on his foot. Reina said that the hurts are a large job and they have got had far too many in the last few months. He also commented that when of import participants are recovering and coming back into the side and then they acquire injured again, and this is a spot hard for the squad to work well.

Benitez options are not many as he is also without winger Jermaine Pennant until after Christmastide as he is waiting to retrieve from a emphasis break of the shin, while first-choice centre-back Daniel Agger is still recovering from a broken metatarsal.

On the other hand, Cardiff City director Dave Mother Jones states Robbie Henry Watson Fowler is thinking about trying to upset Liverpool on Wednesday when he go backs to his former club. Liverpool fans still fondly name Henry Watson Fowler by his moniker 'God', even though the 32-year-old first departed almost six old age ago, sold to Leeds in November 2001. Mother Jones said that Henry Watson Henry Watson Fowler had an incredible calling at Liverpool football game club, was brought up locally and had antic achievements.

Rafa Benitez was the Liverpool director who brought Fowler back from Manchester City in January 2006, but released the participant six calendar months later. This is because he believes that Henry Watson Henry Watson Fowler could no longer execute at the top of the Prime Minister League but he still sees Fowler as a existent menace to Liverpool on the Wednesday lucifer against Cardiff.

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