Friday, October 12, 2007

Mission Ridge - Ski Area And Historic Site

One of the alone things about skiing Mission Ridge near Wenatchee, American Capital is that it is also the land site of a military airplane crash. In fact, non-skiers May not cognize that many of the skis area's tally name calling and geographical characteristics are named for the semi-famous flat crash. Mission Ridge itself, like Mission Extremum and Mission Creek, acquires its name from Catholic missionaries who served in the country during colony times.

On September 30, 1944 a flight crew flying a bomber from the Walla Walla regular army alkali crashed on the ridge after getting lost owed to darkness and bad weather.

There is a subdivision of the bomber's wing mounted at the skis country (and people can still occasionally happen other leftovers of the wreckage) with a plaque on it saying:

"On a stormy nighttime of September 30, 1944, Flight Crew 22, on a preparation missionary post from Walla Walla Army Air Base, establish itself off course of study and lost above the rugged Cascade Mountain Range. They were flying a Type B – 24 "Liberator" Heavy Bomber. The nighttime was rainy and the vale was enshrouded with heavy fog. Around 8:00 p.m. the Beehive Lookout reported Hearing the drone of a plane's engines as it passed directly overhead. Within minutes a fire was seen faintly illuminating the fog, alerting the lookout man that the airplane had probably crashed. Due to the darkness, weather, and terrain, hunt attempts were delayed. The adjacent morning time when a deliverance political party reached this bouldery bowl, just 500 feet below the crest of Mission Ridge, they establish the fires had been extinguished by the heavy rainfall from the former night. Pieces of the wreckage were strewn 100s of paces across the incline and the organic structures of all six crew members were found. There were no survivors."


Vets of Foreign Wars of the U.S., Mission Ridge,

Boy Lookout Troop 5"

Some of the name calling that the Mission Ridge Ski Area have given in award of the airplane clang are; The Liberator Express Chair Lift, Bomber Bowl, Bomber Pass, Bomber Chutes, Bomber Cliffs, among others. Very few skis countries are also existent historical land sites too.

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