Friday, August 24, 2007

Professional Snowboarder, Sits Down with Elijah Teter

NossaTV, place of the best full-length, free action athletics pictures on the web, recently had an chance to interview Elijah Teter, professional snowboarder. Teter's many achievements include commanding 4th in the human race for half-pipe by the WSF, as well as 5th overall in the Vans Triple Crown and 2nd overall in the Thousand Prix series. NossaTV characteristics skiing videos, skateboarding videos, surfing pictures and snowboarding pictures from top jocks around the world, so they were apprehensive to hear Teter's return on the industry.

NossaTV: How long have got you been snowboarding?

Elijah Teter: 13 years, maybe 14.

Nossa: What got you into it and how did you acquire so good?

ET: Watching my blood brother in the dorsum pace lit a flicker for the whole household to happen light in. I owe it all to him. I got better by practicing and having the assurance that you can be great with anything that you do. It doesn't ache having large balls too. I believe they shrivel with age, at least mine are.

Nossa: What are your ends and aspirations?

ET: Snowboarding as long as I can, that's A given. I desire to larn more than about my ain organic structure – Chinese medicine, flows, yoga, Thai chi, teaching, television channels, getting people who desire to cognize how to flux through life.

Nossa: Why is NossaTV so badass?

ET: It demoes what children desire to see – people who are not afraid to oppress any characteristic set before them.

Nossa: I here you're an devouring crystal hunter. How make you happen them?

ET: Haha, you must have got an interior on that knowledge. It's definitely not as easy as it sounds. If you can allow go, they usually take you to them. For me, it takes a batch of pulling away the surface in different countries to see what's underneath. When I establish my 7 asset crystals I had my household with me and had them in mind, so experience it have got a batch to make with what's on your mind.

Nossa: Who are your heroes?

ET: Go acquire your own, I'm freakin starving and haven't eaten anything all day!

Nossa: What books are you reading?

ET: I necessitate to acquire one. I've been reading a chapter here and there from the IAM series, it's a good one.

Nossa: What make you make with your summertime months?

ET: Work off as much rent as possible from the sis, snowboard in hood, possibly new Zealand, mtn. biking, boating, crystal hunting, hopefully getting intoxicated on sex.

Nossa: You've been taking some college classes, how's that?

ET: College is great, always love adding to my knowledge. It's things that I desire to larn so I pay manner more attention. Some oculus candy too, love that.

Nossa: All the misses love you, is it the chops?

Haha, probably. I believe they just like cats who aren't trying to come up on to them all the time. I only seek sometimes, "very nice, do sexy time!"

Nossa: Who's gonna save the world?

ET: People waking up to ourselves, and changing up our acts. Or maybe demigod volition come up up back… Ohio delay I am demigod and oh yeah you are superman.

Nossa: You come from a strong household connection, how have got that helped your flowing in life?

ET: Family is the greatest, so lucky to have my best friends so stopping point to fall back on when im going through a tough spot, and being the same for them. Wish everyone could flux together like we do, they can, just so much harder for some, but if they make make up one's mind to happen the love, goodness will bee, honey sweetened even.

Nossa: what make you desire to be when you turn up?

ET: A daddy

Nossa: Who's the coolest individual you've ever met?

ET: Saint David Benedick, he's one of the coolest.

Nossa: Cry outs, props to…

ET: Vermont, Tahoe crew… acquire fired up cause its clip to turn Tahoe green!

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