Friday, May 4, 2007

Chess chess chess...and other random musings

I have been lazy this week (not) posting to my blog. Not much to report, except I have been teaching a lot of classes each day. My rating went down a bit after losing two games recently. I am 2648 on the June 2006 USCF list, but will most likely be 20+ points lower on the August 2006 list. Still, the consolation of =1st in Chicago makes up for that fact just fine!

My family is going on a small trip to NYC tomorrow. Kelly's birthday was June 7 and Spencer's is June 9, so we thought a nice drive to NYC to see family and friends would be fun. I rented a Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited, and is by far the nicest rental I have ever driven, so the ride should not be too bad.

We get back Tuesday afternoon, and then Kelly and I are off to Vegas Wednesday morning for the National Open.

My gall bladder removal surgery is scheduled for June 22, and if all goes well, Kelly and I will be in Philly June 29-July 4 for the World Open.

After the World Open it will be chess camp season, and we will be teaching every week the rest of the Summer.

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